Mery Beach - Block A

Saint Vlas


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The complex "Mery Beach" is luxurious residential building located on the territory of Sveti Vlas. A unique place with a beautiful nature combining clean mountain air, sea ​​climate, beautiful nature and beaches bordering a forest.

The building is distinguished by its beautiful, modern architecture and impressive panoramic views of the resort. Sunny Beach and the old town of Nessebar. It is located on the first line, next to the beach, in a quiet area.

The building will be built with the highest quality materials known to modern construction trends, combined with attractive architecture created by highly qualified designers, providing maximum functionality and comfort for its potential occupants.

Advantages of the complex "Mery Beach"

  1. The location of the complex Mery Beach"  - on the beach in Sveti Vlas
  2. Complex Mery Beach" offers a variety of apartments of different sizes - studios, one and two bedroom apartments, as well as the opportunity to combine two neighboring apartments.
  3. The investment made in the complex Mery Beach has not lost its value over the years, thanks to the specific location of the complex and economic development and a stable area, as well as a stable real estate market in the area.
  4. Complex Mery Beach is a private property with limited external access and security, which guarantees peace and quiet during your stay.
  5. Complex Mery Beach is suitable for both summer holidays and year-round living.

Location of the complex "Mery Beach" :

  • 27 km from Bourgas airport
  • on the shore - first line;
  • 1500 m from the marina "Marina Dinevi"
  • 4 km to Sunny Beach
  • 10 km to Nessebar
  • 37 km from Bourgas
  • 100 km from Varna
  • 400 km from Sofia
  • 400 km from Istanbul
  • There is a kindergarten and a school in the city center
  • post office, church, town hall in the city center
  • many eco trails
  • 600 m to a medical establishment and a pharmacy
  • 200 m to the supermarket
  • 200 m to the bus stop

Key features:

  • floors: 5
  • Elevators: 2
  • apartments: 42
  • type of apartments: studio, one and two bedroom apartments

Facilities, facilities, infrastructure:

  • Elevator
  • Pool
  • Landscaping
  • Video Surveillance
  • Restricted access for owners only

Technical characteristics and features:

The building will use high quality materials from leading global companies: & ndash; ceramic bricks Wienerberger, internal lime-cement plasters and ground coats Röfix, facade thermal insulation system Baumit, waterproofing of the companies Weber and Ceresit, PVC joinery, facade cladding, terracotta and faience and flooring of natural stone origin, terracotta floor coverings and granite tiles from world-renowned manufacturers.

  • Building Type - Holiday Residential Building
  • Equipment
  • Walls - Austrian bricks Wienerberger Porotherm 25 N + F and Porotherm 12 & nbsp; N + F - from 100% natural material, with excellent noisy and heat insulating properties, painted with white latex
  • Ceilings - Living quarters & ndash; gypsum plaster - Röfix, painted in white latex
  • Bathrooms - bathrooms and toilets, suspended ceiling system KNAUFF, with 9 mm moisture-resistant plasterboard.

All rooms - lime cement plasters - Röfix.

  • Floors
  • Bathrooms - Terracotta and faience tiles. Adhesives, waterproofing, grouts Sanitary ware and equipment. Cement screed up to 8 cm - Röfix, high quality terracotta
  • Return

Interior door - luxurious high-quality interior and entrance doors made of natural veneer, emphasize the beauty and incredible splendor of natural wood.

  • Facade Doors  - PVC windows, 5 chambers, double-glazed windows with built-in ornaments radiating luxury, 32 mm double-glazed windows consisting of 4 mm glass - external Energy glass (4 seasons), the double-glazed unit provides excellent noise and heat insulation.

Common parts of the building

Stairs and stairs covered with terracotta in combination with a stylish wrought iron railing.

  • Woodwork

PVC windows, Baltic oak color, system of 5 chamber profiles, reliable system hardware. Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties, resistance to climate change, protection against UV & ndash; radiation, compliance with all European standards and environmental standards.

Coefficient of thermal conductivity K 1.0W / m2 to K 1.3 W / m2 Noise insulation coefficient 34-45 db

Profiles only Class A EN 12608: 2003 Extremely long life - over 60 years.

  • Glass on the glass package

Glass package, 32 mm consisting of 4 mm glass - external Energy - glass (4 seasons). The double-glazed window allows increased comfort - thermal insulation provides an ideal temperature independent of the vagaries of the weather. For Summer, thanks to the "solar control" function, the glass package "4 seasons" reflects twice as much sun energy compared to a normal double-glazed window and does not need additional solar protection. Comfort and coolness are provided even in the most - hot days. Reduces air conditioning costs & ndash; limiting the amount of solar energy entering the premises reduces the need for air conditioning.

In the fall - with double glazing "4 seasons" the transition to the cold season is imperceptible. Due to the characteristics of this glazing, the effect of lowering the temperature is significantly reduced. Allows to reduce the early costs associated with space heating.

For the winter - The glass package "4 seasons" offers three times more & ndash; high thermal insulation compared to ordinary double-glazed windows.

Warmth and convenience & ndash; heat loss is reduced and the cold area near the windows is reduced. Efficient thermal insulation also means reduced energy consumption.


Facing - thermal insulation system with mineral plaster. Decorative architectural elements on the facade combined with natural stone.

Facade thermal insulation BAUMIT, insulation thickness 80 mm. Plaster - BAUMIT, Silicate-silicone finishing plaster High quality, mineral, weather resistant, water repellent, vapor permeable, structural finishing (silicone, silicate, organic), plaster for facades. Low susceptibility to pollution (abperl effect). Resistant to mold, fungus and mold; acid and slanting rain. In brilliant and unbleaching colors. Guaranteed quality 10 years on the entire BAUMIT system.

  • Terrace

Railings with architectural detail of wrought iron. Granite floors.

  • Roof

Type of construction & ndash; Flat with hydro and thermal insulation, Weber system .

  • Installations

To pin WURTH products are used on all installations (fasteners)

  • Elevators

We work with successful European companies in the elevator industry. Elevators will be installed, each with a capacity of 6 passengers, with the following characteristics:

Silent, speed V = 1m / s, without engine room, in case of power failure, the elevators go down to the nearest floor and the doors open, luxury design of the interior.

  • Air conditioning

Inverter air conditioners for heating and cooling in each living room & nbsp; up to -25 degrees

  • Plumbing

PVC sewer.

Poly-propylene pipe plumbing.

  • High Current Installations

Lighting and power installation by Schneider Electric ; Built grounding and lightning security system.

Preparatory installation for switching on a diesel generator.

  • Low current installations

Installation for alarm security equipment. Video surveillance installation.

Intercom installation.

Internet installation and cable TV, optical cable to the building.

  • Surroundings

Completely construction of infrastructure and vertical planning around the building. The inner alleys will be made of colored paving. Park lighting. The yards are completely grassed and landscaped with trees and plants. Individual irrigation systems combining drip irrigation and sprinklers.

  • Outdoor fence

Architecturally made of natural stone and wrought iron.

  • Type of Construction - Monolithic

Type of Roof - Flat. Built hydro and thermal insulation, using materials of the Web Company.



Ап. 1,2А 2 bedrooms 64.80 sq. m. Продаден
1 bedroom 37,70 sq. m. Продаден
4, 5А 2 bedrooms 64.28 sq. m. Продаден

7, 8А 2 bedrooms 71.31 sq. m. Продаден
1 bedroom 40.40 sq. m. Продаден
10,11А 2 bedrooms 79.70 sq. m. Продаден

12А 1 bedroom 47,68 sq. m. Продаден
13А 1 bedroom 42,95 sq. m. Продаден
14А 1 bedroom 40,40 sq. m. Продаден
15А 1 bedroom 45,95 sq. m. Продаден
16А 1 bedroom 46,02 sq. m. Продаден

17А 1 bedroom 47,68 sq. m. Продаден
18А 1 bedroom 42,95 sq. m. Продаден
19А 1 bedroom 40,40 sq. m. Продаден
20А 1 bedroom 45,95 sq. m. Продаден
21А 1 bedroom 46,02 sq. m. Продаден

22А 1 bedroom 46.66 sq. m. Продаден
23А 1 bedroom 48.29 sq. m. Продаден
24А 1 bedroom 50.08 sq. m. Продаден